Monday, 23 March 2015

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In Jeremy Clarkson, BBC bosses have created a monster. Now it's their job to slay him

It is not just for allegedly punching an assistant producer that he's fighting for his BBC career. Reports that he called the employee a “lazy Irish c---“ place this incident within a long history of racism and xenophobia. 

Clarkson’s record on this is so crowded that it would take a whole article to describe it comprehensively . Instead, the highlights: his Top Gear car had the pointlessly provocative H982 FKL registration number; he was terribly unfortunate to notice a “slope” on a bridge as a Burmese man walked across it, and was similarly unlucky to accidently say “n----r” as a camera recorded him; he said everyone who visits India gets diarrhoea, made insinuations about Albania's mafia problem, joined in the bullying of Mexicans using tedious stereotypes, and made a mock Nazi salute. There was his black dog called Didier Drogba, harking back to the days of dehumanising black people and comparing them to animals, and also his callous joke about the murder of sex workers. Clarkson’s controversies are this close to having their own Wikipedia entry. 

                                                  trying to keep a racist bully off the tv-screens.

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